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Top Tricks Used By Internet Fraud Stars Exposed

Popular yahoo boys scam tricks and how to prevent them

I personally have been a victim of some of the tricks I am going to list and I also made research on some and how they are carried out by scammers popularly known as yahoo boys recently in this blog post I will list some popular scam tricks and how to prevent them. am going to tell you how they are all carried out and what to do not a fall a victim of such scam.

To prevent scam you have to know the types of scam and if scammers are involve in the kind of business you are involve in you also have to be security conscious if you are dealing online make sure you deal with a trusted organization don’t just into anything you see online not all are real you might be working into a trap.

list of popular scams and how to prevent them

  1. Online Dating

This is common among yahoo boys the create a fake profile on dating sites sometimes Facebook and there main targets are widow, widower, busy and does that are looking for love online they will try there best to get to relate with you the would be close to you fill you with false stories they would try there possible best to gain your trust then depending on the story the told you some will later say the travel and the need money for something they are working on or the would ask you to lend them money they would pay back and before you realize you would have given so much money to that your online lover before you realize it a scam some will even claim to be a military personnel and tell you they were sent to another country for certain things and the would ask you to give or lend them money they would pay back when they are back and you will never get back the money again that how online dating scam works.

note:- don’t share your account or credit card details with someone you are dating online normally it suppose to be even personally.

how to prevent

to prevent this type of scam you have to be extremely careful on who you date online. before dating the person its advice-able that you get to meet and know the person you are dealing with in person because a yahoo boy or internet scammer will never meet you in person. you have to think like them to beat them at there game and never send money to someone you don’t know make sure you know who you are dealing with before anything like that also never share your account login details or card number with anybody out of trust or anything it is very risky.

  1. Carding

This trick is a situation where by a scammer get your atm full details atm number,name,expiring date and cvv the then use your card to make purchases online so you will not be able to track them easily this is a very deadly trick common among scammer(yahoo boys) we have to take not of this and be extremely careful not to fall victim of such.

How to prevent

To prevent carding all you have to do is to be extremely careful with your atm details and make sure you are careful where you keep your atm cards never tell anyone your atm information don’t forget your bank will never ask for your full atm numbers and the will never ask of expiring date orcvv be careful who you send with you ATM card I think your ATM card should be part of your person stuffs lastly never use your atm on any site you have to be very careful with this use it on popular and trusted sites alone and make sure the site is http secured (make sure it having the https green padlock)

  1. Phishing

This method allows acquiring any persons private data (password, usernames, and credit card data).

This one of the top popular trick used by internet scammers let me brief you how this work the usually clone a web page send you spam link and make fake promises that the link will help you do after clicking on the link if it for instance a bitcoin cloned page you will be asked for your login detail after filling it your account will be hacked and any fund there will be gone this same method is what the use to hack Facebook accounts.

Preventive measure

To avoid this trick is very easy don’t click on spam links and always make sure you go direct to the site you have account with directly instead of using short cuts. Never fill your login details on any site just like that always look at the link to make sure it is the website your trying to access original link and with this I feel you should be safe.

Apartment Trick

This trick is commonly used by internet scammers in Nigeria popularly known as yahoo boys. A yahoo boy will pretend to be a realtor. He or she will advertise luxurious apartments for lease on the internet. The upload lots of photos of high class apartments that are obtainable for rent the victim makes payment to a particular account then “realtors” suddenly is no were to be found.

How to prevent

Never trust someone you just met online even if it’s a organization make sure you check all there reviews to confirm how legit the are in other not to fall a victim of this fraud stars.

In what ever we are doing we should know the kind of details we reveal to other there are certain things you not include trust in any secrete covering your money or important document should only be know by people that are suppose to use it some day and not people you barely even so in other words we should know the kind of information we let out.

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