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People don’t know this is a very lucrative business when rightly done and there is always room to establish if you’re a creative person I will put you through how to run a successful cafe business.

Let’s firstly talk about the requirement to open a cyber cafe the first thing is that you will have to get a shop to my own opinion you should get a shop that has space so when you are ready to establish it will not be a problem and also make sure they area does not have any professional cyber cafe. If you even have enough capital you can just follow my step by step guide. Secondly you need to get two laptops(pc) I prefer pc because of electricity so you don’t lose what you are doing when the power holding company decides to take light.
Enough of the story let me tell you the things you can do to make money from your cyber cafe apart from typing, printing and photocopy.
Graphic design: you can go and learn graphic design add to your services it is currently a good business now companies are looking for who will create logos for theme, artist need a graphics designer to create art cover for them they are lots of things that currently needs graphic design I will still be showing you other stuffs graphic design can be used for as you keep on reading.
Computer program:you can start to train people on how to operate a computer and how to type fast this is another program under your cafe now another source of income now you can see you can begin to establish and making more gain this aspect of it is more of a coaching program whereby you give out knowledge and you are being paid for it.
Jamb tutorial: by now you should have gotten enough computers you can simply look for a jamb practice software and begin jamb tutorials for does that are about to write jamb this is for Nigerians jamb is one of the exams written to get admission into higher institutions in Nigeria and it written once every jamb practice software trains candidate on how the exams is because it is a computer based exams and from here you can make extra income from the service being rendered.
Photography: if who having been following my steps to expand then by now you should have learnt graphic design then now you need a shop close to your or if your shop has enough space separate it into two and lunch you photo studio buy your camera get your lighting ready, your background materials and other fancy thing that pictures can be taken with then you can get one or two people your training and they are working under you and now you can extend you photography to outside shots home service and am sure it will bring you a good amount of income.
If you have followed all the steps above by now you should be making a good amount of money from your business and you can always include any business that involves computer and always try your best to invest in other business and don’t just keep yourself at a spot stay with us for more business updates.
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