Youths protest in Kano “We want Saraki for president in 2023”

kano protest

The event led by Umar Faringida, the coordinator of the group, saw a large number of youths chanting “Nigeria Sai Saraki 2023”, meaning, “Nigeria for Saraki 2023”, and took place on Sunday in Kano.

“Following challenges being faced by Nigeria that includes among others insecurity, unemployment and extreme poverty and worse of all a deteriorating economy, we have decided to come out and apologize to Abubakar Bukola Saraki and also call on him to come out and contest for President in 2023.

“We believe with his experience and knowledge he has the capacity to resolve the current problems of disunity that is shaking the pillars of the country.

“We all are witnesses to the current situation in the country where tribal and sectional sentiments are bringing down the very foundation of the country.

“As a result, it has become pertinent for Nigerian youths to rise and choose a committed and dedicated leader that will save Nigeria from falling and we feel there is no one as qualified as Abubakar Bukola Saraki.

“We saw the contribution given by Saraki as governor of Kwara state and as President of the Senate which since he left there had not been a serious assembly since then.

“It has become compulsory on him to also rise up and answer the call of Nigerian youths to come out and save the country from what it is encountering at the moment. He should come and continue from where he stopped.

“This is the intention of this group called Saraki is Coming 2023,” Faringida told newsmen at the rally.

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