Mayweather unlikely to pocket $100m payday from Logan Paul fight

may weather

Floyd Mayweather is unlikely to pocket the $100m payday predicted from his recent fight Mayweather, 44, took on Logan Paul in an eight-round exhibition in Miami on Sunday.

Mayweather claimed he could earn as much as $100million (£71m) in total from the fight, while Paul reportedly was set to earn in the region of $26m (£14m) when PPV figures and everything else was accounted for.

However, Dave Meltzer, an American journalist whose calculations of pay-per-view buys are well respected in boxing, has estimated that Mayweather v Paul garnered between 600,000 and 650,000 buys, although figures at this early stage are a very rough estimate.

Mayweather is understood to be entitled to 50 per cent of the PPV buys for the event – priced at $49.99 (£35) in the States – equating to roughly $16.5m (£11.6m).


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