Intrigues, emotions as Big Brother, Maria connive over phantom eviction plot


There was no nomination today, Monday, in the Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, House. There will be no eviction on Sunday either.

However, only Big Brother and the new Head of House, Maria, know this.

When Maria was summoned to the diary room to start the nomination process, Big Brother sprung a surprise: “There will be no nomination,” he told her.

“There will, therefore, be no eviction on Sunday.

“But you are going to make your fellow housemates believe you have been given the powers to nominate two of them for eviction on Sunday, based on how they impress you.”

Maria was then given a pen and jotter to rate how the housemates impress her by awarding points.

Even Maria asked for a moment to recover from the shocking twist before leaving the diary room.

As soon as she joined the other housemates, Maria went into character.
She started crying while delivering the heartbreaking scheme.

The housemates promptly swarmed around her.

Whether it was a genuine gesture or they were already making moves to be in her good books remain to be seen.

The next few days will certainly reveal the inner workings of each housemate’s mind in the competition.

Meanwhile, the only housemate that reacted with circumspection to Maria’s tale was Whitemoney.

And, on this phantom nomination/eviction, Big Brother cautioned Maria, “Don’t turn your fellow housemates to slaves.”

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