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 How to make money with your blog in the year 2019 we all know blogging is not easy and it not a make money quick scheme but with patience and consistency you will surely reap the fruit of your hard work.

What I want you to learn today is how you can earn money from your and how you can turn blogging to a full time source of income and there is no shortcut to this.
The most important factor to earn as a blogger is to build a good amount of audience some people will tell you it’s just to get google adsense approval but without a good amount of audience even google should approve your blog you will earn little or nothing.
To earn money blogging in 2019 the first thing you have to do is to build your audience and that involves making your site user friendly to get users coming back also working on your SEO if you are a newbie you would be wondering what is SEO this simply means search engine optimization that’s getting your site on google when you hear the word google hmmm. Google is the most visited web in the world with billions of searches daily people looking for answers there are others like bing,, yandex and many more when you begin to get a good amount of visitors you can then monetize your site and make money from it.
Ways You Can Monetize Your Site
Google Adsense: This one of the way you can monetize your site google adsense is a ppc/cpc program where you get paid where a visitor clicks on their advert on your site/blog google adsense is a very user friendly ad network and their ads will not look like spam on your site or hurt your SEO, adsense payment is net 30 if you don’t understand what net 30 means let me briefly explain for newbies google usually pays 21st-26thof every month so what they do is that after earning for instance in the month of January on the 1st of February the finalize your earning and you receive what you earned in January by 21st-26th of February that why it is called net 30. Lots of people are scared of google adsense cause of what they have heard and seen on the internet I want to assure you that google will never ban you as long as you obey their policy because google is very smart and cannot be tricked you only get banned when you violate google adsense policy make sure you study there policy well before applying for google adsense to apply simply visit and sign up.
Note: google approval is strict they only approve sites that has value without having copy right contents.
Directly Selling Your Ads Space: With this method you can sell free space on your site directly to sponsors no third party no sharing of revenue the negotiate and deal with the sponsor directly and your ads space cost will depend on your site ranking and also the traffic your site is getting. The sweat thing about this is that nobody is going to ban you but that does not me should not take your site serious because if you are not serious your sponsors and also visitors would leave your site.
Note: this can be used together with google adsense with this two you can earn much

Affiliate Income: Affiliate income is a bit different from the rest here you will register with an affiliate company they are lots of companies that offers affiliate but the most popular is amazon assoiate. As an affiliate marketer you market the company’s products for them and earn commission for product that where bought using your affiliate link. They are other website that offer affiliate like clickbank, shareasell and shopify the are more you can search for them on google.

Traffic determines your possible income the higher the traffic the higher your income and they are other ads network taboola, bing, mgid etc I recommend this once because they are user friendly and will not hurt you site not all ads network is good for your site some will hurt your SEO and user experience example of such ads are popup ads so you need to be careful.

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