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How To Identify A Fraud Star When You Come Across One

How to identify a  internet scammer(yahoo boy)

have you been a victim of scam do you want to know how to identify a internet scammer or should i say online scammer popularly known as yahoo boys this days the name yahoo boys started in Nigeria and it seems to be going global because of the high rate of internet fraud stars today.

Around us today lot of people have decided to defraud others and take away there hard earned money instead of them to find a job the prefer the easy way around or make money quick scheme by taking away others hard earn money i personally i have been a victim of scam on different occasions it so painful i sometimes wounder if the know what people go through when the are scammed. Enough of the stories lets hit the nail on the head.

if you want to identify a internet scammer you have to be educated about there new tricks, don’t just trust someone you meet online because you feel the want to help you the care about you how will someone you don’t know care about you always give impression your broke a scammer will always run away from were the will not benefit. let me break this down for you so we can understand better.

How to Identify a yahoo boy

Before you can identify a scammer yo have to understand the principles(formats) behind scamming techniques because the tend to search for people that seem vulnerable like people that are in a hurry to make money online, does that are looking for love online or older people this are the people that are believed to be very vulnerable and easy to deceived. lets me tell you all you need to know from experience:

·        what a internet scammer(yahoo boy) will want to know about you

·        excuses the will use to ask for money

·        some of the things a scammer will do to earn your trust

What a internet scammer(yahoo boy) will like to know about you

A scammer will want to know if you have money so he will always like to know what you do for a living if you are eager to make money or if you are desperate for love this are they key things a scammer will want to know about you:

·        what you do for a living

·        how rich you are

·        if you are the desperate type that want to make easy money

·        if you are the type is desperate for love

·        where you live

·        the nature of your work

Excuses the will use to ask for money

let me break this down for you for easy understanding

·        money for sick family member

·        money for flight ticket to come and see you

·        money for school fees

·        payment to receive loan

this are the most popular once thou the are other we will keep you updated when ever we learn of a new idea

Money for sick family member

A scammer will build a relationship with you try there best to earn your trust and care about a while the will ask for money for a family member that is sick or the would tell you of a family member that is needs surgery some might tell you the are sick and needs money to see a doctor out of care and trust that is built you send the money and the person continouns to ask till you later find out you have been scammed after giving the person lots of money.

Money for flight ticket to come see you

After a scammer have gotten you to trust,love and care for them you will want to meet up with your social media lover and then the request for money to book a flight to come pay you a visit and after you send the money some will cook up stories to tell while some will begin to ignore you and other will block you at that moment is when you will realize that you have been scam.

Money for school fees

after earning your love and trust for does that will claim to be students the will bring up issue of school fees or educational issue out of love from a good heart you will want to help not knowing you have been scammed the will continue to ask for money for different things until you are able to find out the are scammer and then it already late.

Payment to receive loan

some scammer will meet you online the would tell you the give business loan without collateral or you giving anything but the will request you pay a certain amount before the loan is issued and people that need money without asking there self how will i just get loan just like that without even knowing the person will pay after that the get blocked.

Some of the things a scammer will do to earn your trust

Depending on the method(format) the scammer is using some will send photoshoped proof in other to gain your trust, some do send gifts to you to make you feel the are genuine some will try to be your friend and get close to you while some will claim to love you meanwhile the always use someone else picture and the person behind the computer is different.


Me and you together can reduces the rate of internet scammer let get educated about this me and you can tell the world of new method me and you can save someone from going bankrupt follow what you just help it will help you identify a online scammer this is not 100 percent but it will help alot.

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